Non-Vegetarian Starters / Canapés
Murg Tikka
Boneless cubes of chicken delicately marinated in a traditional tikka marinade
Murg Pudina Tikka
Boneless breast of chicken, marinated in mint & garlic
Murg Hiryali
Boneless chicken marinated in fresh spinach and coriander
Rashmi Kebab
Mince chicken cooked with fresh coriander, and exotic herbs, Finished in clay oven
Tandoori Chicken Wings
Chicken Wings delicately marinated in a traditional tikka marinade
Murg Malai Kebab
Breast of chicken in a mild and exotic marinade, finished in the tandoor
Tandoori kukkad
Whole Chicken delicately marinated in a traditional tikka marinade
Gilafi Seekh Kebab
Baby lamb mince kebabs cooked with fresh coriander, and exotic herbs,
finished in the clay oven
Machli Amritsari
Fresh fillet of fish (Pegasus), marinated in spices and a hint of wild marjoram,
Coated in a crisp batter, served with lemon
Mahi Tikka Ajwaini *
Scottish Salmon cooked to perfection in the clay oven, Flavored with carom seeds
Tandoori Masala Chops *
Succulent lamb chops marinated in a yogurt and chilli garlic paste
Lahsuni Jheenga*
Jumbo prawn, cheese, Indian spice
Bhatti ke Pudhina Chops*
Tender lamb cutlets with ginger, dried mint, and peppercorns; chilli yoghurt dip
*At Extra Cost
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Vegetarian Starters / Canapés
Subz Mewa ki Sheekh
Vegetable, cottage cheese skewers, spice
Kesari Paneer Tikka
Cottage cheese, carom seed, cream, saffron
Matar Aloo Tikki
Potato & pea fritters, mildly spiced
Punjabi Aloo Tikki & Channa
Potato fritters, mildly spiced served with chick peas
Gobi Manchurian
Fresh cauliflower coated and tossed with a mouthwatering indo-Chinese marinade
Bhatti Wala Paneer Tikka
Chef’s special spice flavored char grilled cottage cheese
Palak Pata
Layers of crispy spinach leaves with tangy spinach dumpling
Malai Broccoli
Roasted broccoli with creamy marinade
Palak Patta Chaat
Crispy fried spinach leaves with chick Peas, yoghurt in a tangy sauce
Achari Jaituni Khumb
Roasted mushroom with pickled spices and tangy olive past
Purani Dilli Ki Chaat
A cool & refreshing combination of crisp semolina & wheat biscuits-covered in
chilled yoghurt, chutneys, ginger & hot spices
Paanch Mirchi Ka Paneer
Juicy chunks of cottage cheese cooked flavoured with five mirchis (peppers)
Tandoori Paneer Tikka
Cottage cheese marinated in yogurt based mixture
Chilli Paneer
Sautéed chilly paneer (cottage cheese) with green peppers and onions
Pesto Dhaniya Paneer Tikka
Cottage cheese marinated in pesto based mixture
*At Extra Cost
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Vegetarian Starters / Canapés
Pyaz aur Palak Bhajia
Onion and spinach bhajia
Aloo Bhajia
Potato bhajia
Assorted Vegetable Bhajia
Vegetable and chilli bhajia
Paneer Ke Gole
Spicy Paneer Balls in Coriander & Chilly Ginger
Mogo Chips
Cassava chips
Chilli Mogo
Chilli cassava chips
Samosa (Cocktail)
Potato pastry parcel
Vegetable pastry parcel
Paneer (cottage cheese) pastry parcel
Spring Roll (Cocktail)
Paneer (cottage cheese) spring roll
Mix vegetables spring roll
Noodles Spring roll
Paneer Tikka (Tandoori) Aloo & Paneer Kati rolls
Potato & cheese wraps
Puchka Bhel
Gol guppas stuffed with bhel puri mix in imli (tamarind)
Harabara Kebab
Spinach potato and vegetable sheekh kebab
Punajbi Samosa Chaat (hot)
Potato & pea cocktail pastry parcel Served with chick peas, yogurt fresh onion & coriander
Peas Kachori
Gujarati styled starter with masala pea filling
*At Extra Cost
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Main Course Vegetarian Dishes
Bhindi do Pyaza
Okra cooked in a traditional Punjabi recipe with cumin and onions
Baingen Bharta Amritsari
Roasted baby aubergine puree with coriander & ginger
Punjabi Channa Masala
Whole chickpea cooked in a Punjabi tomato-onion masala
Dum Aloo Kashmiri
New potatoes cooked in a ginger sauce with whole cumin, tossed in an
Iron Kadhai, Kashmiri style
Gobi Matar
Cauliflower & peas cooked in green chilli & roasted cumin
Karahi Paneer
Fresh homemade cheese tossed with mixed peppers, onions & tomatoes
Punjabi Kadhi
Punjabi Kadhi cooked with vegetable pakora and methi seeds
Khumb do Pyaza
Fresh button mushrooms cooked with red and green onions
Lady finger, onion, tomato gravy
Banarsi Bharwan Aloo
Ginger, chili and cottage cheese stuffed potatoes
simmered in Chef's special gravy
Matar Methi Malai
A delicious dish with pureed spinach cooked with peas and green fenugreek leaves
Butter Paneer
Fresh homemade cheese cooked in a fine garlic butter & cream sauce
Saag Aloo
Spinach & Potatoes cooked in ginger and chilly
Saag Paneer
Spinach & cottage cheese, flavored with nutmeg & ginger
Tinda Masala
Round gourd in tomato and onion masala
*At Extra Cost
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Punjabi Matar Paneer
Paneer dices with green peas in a rich tomato and creamy gravy, flavoured with
fenugreek and garam masala.
Achari Bhangen
Baby Aubergine, tossed in piquant sauce flavoured with panchporan (five spices) and
mixed pickle
Vegetable Kofta Curry
Vegetable dumpling cooked in nuts based sauce
Navratan Korma
A traditional dish cooked from the nine different vegetables, fruit and nuts
Subz Nargisi Kofta Curry
Mix vegetable dumpling, saffron gravy
Zeera Aloo
Potatoes cooked with green chilies, coriander & roasted cumin
Punjabi Tarka Daal
Yellow lentils finished with a tempering of cumin, onion and chilies
Daal Makhani
Black Urad lentils cooked in a copper vessel, reduced in a tomato and ginger sauce,
finished with butter & cream
Daal Palak
Yellow lentils with baby Spinach
Dhabey wali Daal
Black lentils and red Kidney beans cooked overnight on Clay oven and finished with
butter & cream
*At Extra Cost
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Non-Vegetarian Main Course Dishes
Achari Chicken
Spicy chicken masala in a pickle marinade
Karahi Paneer
Boneless Chicken tossed with mixed peppers, onions & tomatoes
Murg Tikka Makhni
Boneless cubes of chicken delicately marinated in a traditional tikka marinade,
broiled in the tandoor, and cooked in a red delhi mirch and tomato gravy
Murg Methiwala
Chicken cooked in a zesty fenugreek and dry masala combination
Dhaba Murg
Chicken cooked in onion & tomato curry in domestic style
Chicken do Pyaza
Chicken cooked in a dry style, with sautéed onions, and peppers
Saag Chicken
Spinach with succulent pieces of chicken in a latpatta style
Kali Mirch Ka Murg
Corn fed chicken breast, mango relish, and creamy black pepper curry
Adhraki Gosht
Fine baby lamb marinated in ginger and coriander, seasoned with onions and cooked dry
on a slow fire, garnished with julienne of capsicum, and ginger
Lamb Roganjosh
Spicy traditional Lamb Curry
Tariwala Gosht
Home style mutton curry
Rahra Gosht Punjabi
Tender lamb cooked with minced lamb in chopped tomato, onion gravy
Bhuna Ghost
A North Indian specialty, dry lamb masala
Saag Gosht
Delicate pieces of lamb cooked with fresh spinach and grated nutmeg imbued with
garlic flavoured reduced sauce
*At Extra Cost
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Keema Curry
Minced lamb cooked in herbs and spices.
Martabaan Ka Meat
Lamb cooked with pickled chillies in an earthen pot
Naryal Wali Machli *
Fresh Salmon Sautéed with herbs & spices, simmered in coconut milk sauce
Jhinga Curry *
Delicate prawns sautéed with garlic, and seeped in a light coconut sauce
Biryanis/Rice and Naan Breads
Hydrabadi Kache Gosht Ki Biryani
Succulent lamb pieces & Himalayan basmati, flavored with cinnamon,
Cardamom & exotic spices
Murg Biryani
Tender chicken pieces & Himalayan basmati, flavored with masalas & exotic spices
Jhinga Biryani *
A refined prawn Biryani, seeped with saffron and spices
Sabz Biryani
An authentic vegetable biryani, cooked in light saffron oil, with raisins, cashews and
rare Kashmiri spices
Mushroom Pulao
Delicate Saffron Pulao made from long grain Himalayan Basmati and Fresh mushroom
Vegetable Pulao
Mixed veg Pulao made from long grain Himalayan Basmati
Matar aur Jeera Pulao
Peas and whole cumin seed Pulao made from long grain Himalayan Basmati
Butter Naan
Naan dough cooked to perfection in the clay oven, brushed with melted butter
Mirchi Wala Partha
Lacha parantha topped with red chilli & baked in clay oven
Missi Roti
Whole-wheat dough prepared with a fenugreek coating, cooked in the Tandoor
*At Extra Cost
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Bharwan Kulcha
Filling of onion, potato, cheese, cottage cheese
Fried puri
Tandoori Roti
Unleavened whole wheat dough, cooked in the clay oven
Choice of Condiments & Salads
Fried Poppadum’s
Choice of plain, pepper, cumin, garlic or chili poppadum’s
Mint chutney
Fresh Mint and coriander chutney
Imli chutney
Tamarind chutney
Mixed pickles
Chili mixed pickles
Mango chutney
Sweet & sour mango chutney
Indian Katchumber Salad
Indian style salad with cucumber, onions, tomato & lemon juice and spices
Punjabi Salad
Fresh garden vegetables and greens with cherry tomatoes
Plain Raita
Cucumber Raita
Yoghurt with cucumber and chaat masala
Dhai Bhalla
Lentil balls with yoghurt and chaat masala
Boondi Raita
Tiny balls of ground flour in yoghurt and chaat masala
Mixed Raita
Yoghurt with grated carrots, cucumber, onions and chaat masala
*At Extra Cost
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Pani Puri Station* (gol guppa)
Papdi Chaat Station*
Pao Bhaji Station*
(Mixed vegetable curry with bread)
Bombay Frankie Rolls Station*
(Mixed grilled vegetables in a wrap)
Palak Patta Chaat Station*
(Gujrati style pakora with baby spinach)
Gujrati Kachori Station*
Dosa Station*
Wada Pao Station*
(Fried ground flour balls served with two types of chutney)
Haka Noodles Station*
(Chinese style noodles)
Punjabi Aloo Choley Station*
Biryani Station*
Bhajia Station*
Mogo Chips Station*
Tava Aloo Tikki Station*
Kulcha Station*
*At Extra Cost
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Gajjar Ka Halwa
Delicate carrot and milk halva
Bharwan Gulab Jamun
Deep fried cottage cheese dumpling, pistachio
Homemade Indian Kulfi
Homemade Indian ice cream, Fig, Mango, Badam, Rose, Malai & Pista
Hung yoghurt flavoured with Indian mango or elachi
Fruit Split
Assorted fruits with scoops of ice-cream laced with yummy chocolate sauce and nuts
Moong Dal Halwa
Delicate Moong Daal and milk halva
Shahi Rasamalai/Rasmalai
Soft poached homemade cheese dumplings in a light milk syrup flavoured with
Fresh fruit Salad aur Fruit Skewers
Assorted seasonal fruits
Punjabi Langar Ki Kheer
Rice pudding with traditional Indian flavourings
Sweet flavoured Rice with yellow colouring and dry nuts
Matka Wali Kulfi (on the stick) *
Homemade Indian ice cream, Fig, Mango, Badam, Rose, Malai & Pista
Live Jalebi Station*
*At Extra Cost
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